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The mortgage industry is not for the faint of heart! I commend the folks that are still working to create a positive experience for their clients!  My passion is to provide my customers with the knowledge that they need to make the best decisions in  regards to their financing needs. Even the most seasoned home buyer(s) cannot help but be overwhelmed by the requirements now necessary to purchase a home so having a loan officer that is knowledgeable and committed is key to a positive experience. The laws change continually; coupled with the individual loan programs changing as well, requires a good loan officer to keep abreast with the ever changing mortgage industry. My skills and areas of expertise include customer relations and creating life long friendships from the folks that I have met throughout this journey called “life”.

Bette Moody Moose, Branch Manager

Mortgage Rates change on an hourly basis and vary depending on your unique situation. We don’t believe in posting a rate which could be misleading because it is only for those select few that can qualify for it. Instead, we actually talk with you before quoting a mortgage rate, so you get a real idea of where you will be at for your situation. Typically, you will find mortgage rates from one lender to another are similar, however service is not. If searching for a mortgage rate on the internet, many times the rate quoted is not the rate you are actually qualified for. It is important to read the fine print with a mortgage rate advertisement.

Rates between loan programs can vary as well. For example an FHA rate, VA rate and USDA rate are completely different. The USDA rate is a standard set by the USDA.

As one of our nation’s largest mortgage lenders, we offer very competitive mortgage rates. More importantly, we provide you with an accurate quote of the mortgage rate you qualify for based on your information.

If you would like a mortgage rate quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

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